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Front-end Developer

Data wygaśnięcia: 06-05-2021
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Regiony: opolskie Opole

Join our team as a Front-end Developer!

3500-8000 PLN net 


Let’s see if you have what it takes to become one


1. This is about YOU, personally


2. This is about your ROLE

 3. This is about your EXPERIENCE


4Other (not required, but nice to have)

 There are lots of reasons to work with us at codelabs:

are you an early bird or night owl? Just click the snooze button.

and they even give you b-day presents (but you need to bring cake first).

you don’t have to bring your own sandwiches anymore!

plus accessories, because Apples are healthy. We also have mini library with actual books.

fit is the new black, try to get your summer body once again!

play games in our office or go on a trip with your coworkers... or both.

already a geek? Now you can be nerd as well.

what color are you? Cool blue, earth green, sunshine yellow or fiery red?

e-lessons and conversation classes with Native Speaker.

So, still want to be a part of our team?